About Flu.com

The existence of influenza has been recorded for several centuries, providing evidence that this virus has intermittently disrupted the lives of countless people worldwide… just as it continues to do today.

Flu.com was created to help raise awareness about seasonal influenza and its continued impact on humankind—and about humans’ impact on flu, too.

Through the years, extensive research has expanded our understanding of this virus, inspiring scientists to create innovative, effective technologies and approaches designed to prevent this disease. Flu.com seeks to educate and motivate people about using these resources, including vaccinations and other preventive methods, to protect themselves and their loved ones from flu and its complications.

Flu.com is sponsored by CSL Seqirus, a company singularly devoted to the fight against influenza. As a member of the CSL Group, CSL Seqirus remains committed to the longstanding CSL vision of a world protected from influenza.